Class Email-Worm
Platform Win32

Technical Details

Voltan is an Internet worm spreading via the email addresses stored in Windows address books.

Il momento e’ catartico

Messages to beware of have the following body text:

Ricevo e cortesemente inoltro,…. un premio per la genialita
hanno reso mitico un salva schermo scaricalo, “poesie
catartiche”, che
non sai cosa ti perdi


There is a link to a web site where a copy of the Voltan worm resides.

Additionally, the worm replaces the screen saver with a scrolling text line stating:

A volte ti sento cosi vicina…A volte ti sento cosi
lontana…Certo che hai proprio un cellulare di merda!

The worm is a Windows executable file about 36 KB in size when compressed with ASPack. The uncompressed size is about 70KB. Voltan is unable to function in the operating system environments of Windows 95, 98, ME, and NT4.

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