Class Hoax
Platform Win32

Technical Details

JepRuss is a joke program – it is not a virus or a Trojan program. It displays too scaring messages that can really frighten users. When this program launches it displays a standard message window with the text:

 Please Wait.    Initialising...

In a moment it displays a dialog box with the following text:

Confirm Folder Delete
Are you sure you want to delete the folder [Windows] and all its contents ?
[Yes] [No]

The ‘[Windows]’ reference designates the directory where Windows is installed. Regardless of a user’s reaction, including sitting motionless afraid to touch any key, the program then displays the standard Explorer and ‘File Deleting’ windows and proceeds to emulate the file and folder deletion process. When the fake display indicates ‘no files remaining’, ‘Jeb/Russ’ displays the standard Windows shut-down menu with disabled (gray) [No] button and the following text:

Shut Down Windows
Windows has detected there is no system software on your computer

(*) Shut down the computer?
( ) Restart the computer?
( ) Close all programs and log on as a different user?

[Yes] [No] [Cancel]

The below message is then displayed:

Thank god this is only a game...
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