ACE vulnerability in Compaq

Updated: 06/03/2020
Detect date

A buffer overflow was found in Compaq products. By exploiting this vulnerability malicious users can execute arbitrary programs. This vulnerability can be exploited from the network at a point related to web login via a specially designed user name.

Affected products

Compaq System Healthcheck version 3.0
Compaq Survey Utility versions 2.33, 2.18, 2.17
Compaq Storage Allocation Reporter version 1.0
Compaq SANWorks Resource Monitor version 1.0 
Compaq Open SAN Manager version 1.0 
Compaq Management Agents versions 4.37 E, 4.36 j, 4.36 E, 4.35 j, 4.30 j
Compaq Intelligent Cluster Administrator versions 2.1, 1.0
Compaq Insight Manager XE versions 1.21, 1.0
Compaq Insight Manager LC versions 1.50 A, 1.3 c
Compaq Insight Management Desktop Web Agents version 3.7 
Compaq Enterprise Volume Manager/Command Scripter versions 1.1, 1.0 
Compaq Compaq Foundation Agents versions 4.90, 4.0, 2.1, 1.0
Compaq Armada Insight Manager versions 4.20 j, 4.20


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