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Class Virus
Platform Win32

Technical Details

It is not a dangerous nonmemory resident encrypted parasitic Win95 virus.
Being executed the virus scans Win95 kernel and gets undocumented addresses
of system file access function (see the list below). Then it searches for
NewEXE Portable Executable (Win95 and NT) files in Windows directory, in
C:, D:, E: and F: drives subdirectory tree and infects them.

While infecting the virus creates new section “.Z0MBiE” in PE header,
writes its code to the end of the file and modifies address of Entry Point.
The virus also aligns the file length to the section, so the file lengths
grows more that Virus_Length bytes while infection. The virus infect some
files incorrectly, Windows displays standard error message when these files
are executed.

The virus also creates ZSETUP.EXE files on disks and writes to there
“Zombie.VPI” DOS virus dropper.

The virus contains the text strings, a part of these strings are the names
of system functions that are used during infection:

ExitProcess FindFirstFileA FindNextFileA CreateFileA SetFilePointer
ReadFile WriteFile CloseHandle GetCurrentDirectoryA SetCurrentDirectoryA
GetWindowsDirectoryA GetCommandLineA WinExec GetFileInformationByHandle
Z0MBiE 1.01 (c) 1997
My 2nd virii for mustdie
Tnx to S.S.R.

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