Class Virus
Platform Win32

Technical Details

This is a harmless parasitic Win32 virus. It consists of two parts: the
virus itself written in assembly language, and the payload written in MSIL.

The virus searches for Win32 PE EXE .NET applications. It infects files
in up to 20 upper level directories.

While infecting, the virus writes itself to the end of the file, then the
virus writes its payload instead of the original host’s metadata, which is
moved down.
When an infected file is launched, the virus creates a copy of the infected
file, restores its metadata and launches it.

The original content of infected files is able to work only in Windows
2000. When an infected file is launched in Windows XP, the virus will still
work, but the host file won’t launch.

Depending of the random counter (in 1 in 10 cases), the virus displays
the following message box:

 I.NET.dotNET by Benny/29A                       I
 IThis cell has been infected by dotNET virus!   I

The virus body contains the text string:

This cell has been infected by dotNET virus!

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