Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

text (c) Michal A. Egler

This virus contains the following encrypted macros: Hayo, AutoOpen, Nomercy2,
Organizer, ToolsMacro, FileTemplates.

On the 13th day of any month the virus creates the file
C:WINDOWSSYSTEMNOMERCY.DLL. This file contains a debug script with
the NoMercy.575 DOS parasitic virus dump code. By using this script the virus creates the virus dropper NOMERCY2.COM.

Next the virus deletes files:


It also inserts the following commands into the AUTOEXEC.BAT file to execute
the virus dropper:

@echo off

After restarting the computer the virus code stays resident and infects each executed
COM and EXE file.

The virus displays a UserDialog containing the text:

No Mercy II [Hell on WinWord], The Madness Continues…..
wall NoMercy II �1997 by CrazybitS
From the land of Smoking Vulcanoes and Gamelan Orchestras
This Macro Virus Was Released for follow his brother No Mercy

Sometimes the virus changes names of macros:

Nomercy = AutoOpen
AutoClose = Nomercy2
AutoExec = Hayo
ToolsMacro = ToolsMacro
Organizer = Organizer
FileTemplates = FileTemplates

Sometimes the virus displays a UserDialog with the text:

No Mercy II Was Distrub !
Mmmmm…. you just lost your files !
Don’t do it again !

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