Class Virus
Platform MSAccess

Technical Details

This virus infects MS Access databases. While infecting the virus replaces
in databases the Autoexec script and copies to database additional form
named “Walla Walla”. Form contains macro with two subroutines:


When an infected database is opened, the startup form is activated. In
infected databases it immediately calls subroutine “Load_Form” that
contains main virus code. This subroutine searches for first five databases
in the current directory and infects them. While searching the virus uses
the “*.MDB” mask. Before infecting the virus changes several system
parameters: disables viewing macros by using hot-keys and on error while
executing macros, enables executing auto-scripts when Shift key is pressed
(by default pressed Shift disables auto-scripts).

If day of month equals the month number, the virus shows two messages:

Walla Walla
Walla Walla…
You’ve gotten off easy so many times
But I guess no one told you how to get a life

A97M/Walla Walla
Walla Walla…
The Song by The Offspring (c) 1998
The Virus by RUiNER ’98 (c) 1998

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