Class Virus
Platform Linux

Technical Details

It is not a dangerous, memory resident parasitic virus. It was written
in the assembler language. It uses system calls (syscall) while working
with files. The virus infects ELF files. It writes itself to the middle of
the file.

After starts the virus divides a main process and continues its
work. The resident part scans the directories from the root. The virus
checks the access right for each found file. If file has a write access
the virus will infect it. While infecting file the virus increases its code
section size on 4096 bytes and writes its code to the free space. After
that the virus changes parameters for the ELF file upper sections and
setups a new Entry point for it. The virus displays the message on each

Gildo virus
email (for comments)

The virus contains the text strings:

hello, nice boys, I hope you will enjoy this program written with nasm.
I want to say thanks to all my programmers friend.Bye from Gildo.
The Netwide Assembler 0.98 .symtab .strtab .shstrtab .text .data .sbss
.bss .comment

It also contains the debug strings from the compiler:

virus.asm parent parent_process ahah scan_dir c_stat others_permissions
user_permissions group_permissions c_permissions is_regular_file
c1_is_regular_file c2_is_regular_file is_directory c1_is_directory
l_readdir skip_l_readdir e_l_readdir error_stat error_opening_file
e_scan_dir infect_file open no_open_error file_length mmap c_mmap
is_suitable error_suitable c1_is_suitable read_ehdr c_ehdr
is_suitable_space patch_ehdr patch_e_entry patch_e_sh_offset patch_phdrs
l_read_ph dont_patch_phtext dont_patch_ph patch_shdrs l_read_sh
dont_patch_shtext dont_patch_sh find_current_entry_point write suit_error
munmap mmap_error close open_error __exit __bss_start main _edata _end

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