Class Virus
Platform DOS

Technical Details

It is not a dangerous memory resident parasitic encrypted virus. It hooks
INT 8, 21h and writes itself to the end of .EXE files that are executed.
Depending on its internal counters it displays the text:

Sitting on a grassy,beneath one of
the window of the church,was a little
girl.With her head bent back she was
gazing up at the sky and singing,while
one of her little hands was pointing
to the a tiny cloud that hovered like
a golden feather above her head.So co-
mpletely absorbed was she in watching
the cloud to which her string song or
incantation seemed addressed,that she
did not observe me when I rose and went
towards her.As I slowly approached the
child,I could see by her forehead,which
in the sunshine seemed like a globe of
pearl,and especially by her complexion
that she was uncommonly lovely.Her eyes
–which at one moment seemed blue_gray,
at another violet,were shaded by long
black lashes,curving backword in a most
peculiar way,and these matched in hue
her eyebrows, and the trees that were
tossed about her tender throat and were
quivering in the sunlight.Gradully the
other features,especially the sensitive
full-lipped mouth,grew upon me as I st-
ood silently gazing. Here seemed to me
a more perfect beauty than had ever co-
me to me in my loveliest dreams of bea-
uty.Yet it was not her beauty so much
as the look she gave me that facinsted
me ,melted me……..
By : Theodore Watts-Dunton
Sir . Press any key

This virus also contains the text:


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