Class Virus
Platform BAT

Technical Details

This worm spreads via the Internet using Microsoft Outlook and spreads in e-mail letters with the attached file “PikachuPokemon.exe”. The worm itself is a
Win32 EXE file written in Visual Basic 6.0, file size is about 32K.

When the worm runs, first of all it overwrites the original C:AUTOEXEC.BAT file with instructions that will delete all files in the Windows and Windows system directory.

Then it searches the address book of Microsoft Outlook and creates, in the Outbox folder, letters for each e-mail address:


Pikachu Pokemon.


Great Friend!

Pikachu from Pokemon Theme have some friendly
words to say.

Visit Pikachu at
See you.

And to each letter, the worm attaches itself as the file PikachuPokemon.exe.

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