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Multiple serious vulnerabilities have been found in Apache Subversion. Malicious users can exploit these vulnerabilities to cause denial of service or bypass security restrictions.

Below is a complete list of vulnerabilities

  1. Null pointer dereference can be exploited by authenticated attacker to cause denial of service via a specially designed MOVE or COPY requests;
  2. An improper realm names handling can be exploited remotely via a specially designed authentication request to bypass authentication restrictions.

Technical details

Vulnerability (1) related to mod_authz_svn module. This vulnerability can be exploited via a specially designed headers. Successful attack requires malicious user to be authenticated on target server but no need to have any access to repositories on server.

Vulnerability (2) related to Cyrus SASL authentication library. Error in realm name handling leads to situation when user authenticated to realm one, which name is prefix of realm two name, will be authenticated to realm two too. (for example the user «jrandom» in the realm «foo» can successfully authenticate to a repository whose realm is «foobar»).

Instructions to check if you are affected for those vulnerabilities, workaround vulnerabilities or patches to apply you can find at original advisories listed in corresponding section of this advisory.

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Список CVE

  • CVE-2016-2167
  • CVE-2016-2168

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