Multiple vulnerabilities in VMware products

Обновлено: 03/06/2020
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Multiple serious vulnerabilities have been found in VMware products. Malicious users can exploit these vulnerabilities to cause denial of service or execute arbitrary code.

Below is a complete list of vulnerabilities

  1. Improper memory allocation can be exploited locally via an unknown vectors;
  2. Improper input validation can be exploited locally via vectors related to RPC.
Пораженные продукты

VMware Workstation 11 versions earlier than 11.1.1
VMware Workstation 10 versions earlier than 10.0.6
VMware Player 7 versions earlier than 7.1.1
VMware Player 6 versions earlier than 6.0.6
VMware Horizon Client for Windows 3.3 versions earlier than 3.4.0
VMware Horizon Client for Windows 3.2 versions earlier than 3.2.1
VMware Fusion 7 versions earlier than 7.0.1
VMware Fusion 6 versions earlier than 6.0.6


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