Detect Date 04/03/2007
Class Virus
Platform Win32

Hidrag is a non-dangerous memory resident parasitic Win32 virus. The virus infects Win32 PE EXE files. While infecting the virus encrypts a block of victim files.

When the Hidrag virus runs it creates a copy of itself that is about 36K in size and places it in the Windows directory using the name svchost.exe. Next Hidrag registers this file in the system registry auto-run key:


  PowerManager = %WindowsDir%SVCHOST.EXE

Hidrag then stays in Windows memory as an active process, searches for EXE files on all drives – starting with the C: drive – and infects them.

The virus does not manifest itself in any way.

The virus contains the following encrypted text strings:

 Hidden Dragon virus. Born in a tropical swamp.


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