Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

It is a dangerous Word macro virus. It contains three macros: AutoOpen,
ArquivoAbrir, ArquivoSalvarComo. The virus infects the global macro area on
opening an infected document (AutoOpen), and writes itself to documents on
opening (ArquivoAbrir) and saving with new (ArquivoSalvarComo) name.

On February and April 30 the virus displays the MessageBox:

Alegria, vc sú perdeu todos os seus dados! (C) Worm _ root / 97
WordWorm Virus is fertilizing the soil of your HD (crashing lamah)!!
Copyright (c) – Worm _ root of VBB and Global Destruction Inc.
All rights reserved. H/P/C/CC .) /V/A. Brasil fev/97

The virus then formats the hard drive and inserts the text into the current


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