Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

This virus contains only one macro, AutoClose, and infects files upon closing.
It then checks the system date and time and starting from October, if
the seconds are 45 or more, the virus appends the following to the end of a document:

We are citizens of Australia.
We are youth of Victoria.
We are victims of Mount Waverley Secondary College.
We tolerated your discipline.
We stomached your abuse.
We bore your unprofessionalism.
We toed the line to protect the bullshit image of YOUR school.
We watched our friends be pressured out of your school,
just so you could keep your fucking pass rate figures up.
And now the world will see, through the spread of this
virus just how TOTALLY FUCKED UP we are!
Parents: yeah- go ahead send your kids to a school where about half
of us use drugs. You won’t see those figures in the glossy brochure.
This community announcement was proudly sponsored by:
M.W.S.C. Year 12 Class Of ’96. – in YOUR face.

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