Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

The virus in one module “Kid” contains six macros: KidChaos, FileTemplates,
ToolsMacro, ViewVBcode, AutoClose, AutoOpen. It infects documents and
global macros system area on opening or closing documents.

On entering the File/Templates menu, if the current date is above than 15,
the virus sets for document the password “KC” and displays the MessageBox:

About… 🙂
Kid Chaos of SLAM Virus Team

On entering the Tools/Macro menu it sets the password “KidChaos”, on calls
to “ViewVBcode” function it sets the password “SLAM98”.

Depending on random counter the virus displays the message:

Word97.Kid by KC [SLAM]
Greetings to SLAM memberz:
Virtual Daemon, Aurodreph, CyberYoda
Dark Chakal, Darx Kies, Forms
RaidX, Stealth Warrior & Trigger

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