Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

This virus contains two functions AutoOpen and AutoExit in single module
Jedi_Magic. It replicates on documents opening. While infecting the global
macros area the virus resets system variables:

UserName = “O.B.1. Canobi”
UserInitials = “OBC”
UserAddress = “BOOGZI BARBERS … Food Buster!!!”

The virus detects already infected documents by the Force variable in which
it saves the text: “567374-Joseph.A.D.G.”. On exiting Word the virus resets
its module’s attributes:

VB_Description = “Macro created 03/12/98 by Membership & Registry Division”
VB_ProcData.VB_Invoke_Func = “Normal.Jedi_Magic.AutoExit”

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