Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

This virus contains seven macros in one module “AutoDestructor98”:
AutoExec, AutoOpen, CpteAReb, FileSaveAs, FileTemplates, ToolsMacro,
and ViewVBCode. The virus infects the global macros area upon the opening of an infected
document and spreads to other documents upon saving them with a new name.

While infecting NORMAL.DOT, the virus displays the following Balloon:

Virus AutoDestructor98
HAHA !!!, votre ordinateur est infect� par un nouveau virus…

On the 15th of any month, the virus hides ScrollBar, and installs in the window
caption the following text:

Les barres de scrollings ont disparu…

Upon starting Word on July 13, the virus formats the hard drive and displays
the following Balloon:

Virus AutoDestructor98
Attention, le compte � rebours est lanc�…
Plus que 10 secondes

Before formatting, the virus prints the following numbers to the status bar: 10, 9, 8,
7, … 1, 0 – one number per second. The same counting is displayed upon
entering the Tools/Macro or File/Templates menus, and the virus then displays
several messages and forces Word to terminate.

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