Class Virus
Platform MSOffice

Technical Details

This macro-virus infects two MS Office applications: Word documents and Excel Office 97 datasheets. For document compatibility, Office 97 uses Visual Basic Script, which is contained in both Word and Excel files.

Upon opening, the virus infects the system, documents and sheets (AutoOpen macros in Word and Auto_Open in Excel). Upon infection, the virus utilizes the Office 97 functions for importing/exporting (reading/writing) the virus code via the text file, copies its exit code to the text, and then imports it to the infected object.

Upon exiting Word (Auto Exit), Excel is attempted to be infected. The virus performs a DDE-exchange: it starts up Excel with a minimized window and transfers all the information and commands necessary for creating the AutoRecover17.XLS infected file in the Excel start-up directory here. Word infection resulting from Excel occurs in a similar way upon opening a datasheet (Auto_Open). The virus starts up Word with a minimized window, opens Visual Basic Editor, and obtains the virus code from the AutoRevolver17.dat file.

The virus contains the following copyright string:

Created : Toraja High Land 1998 by Marsel – Lina

Modified : July 1999

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