Class Virus
Platform MSAccess

Technical Details

This is the first known macro-virus that infects MS Access databases. The
virus replaces the Autoexec script in databases (“macro” in Access terms),
and copies additional macros (“module” in Access terms) to database. In this
virus, the macro is named “Virus”.

When an infected database is opened, the Autoexec script is activated. In
infected databases, it immediately calls the virus function named “AccessiV”
that searches for all databases in the current directory and infects them.
While searching, the virus uses the “*.MDB” mask.

The virus does not manifest itself in any other way. It contains the

Find MS Database File!
Find another MS Database File!


This is the second known Access macro-virus, which is very closely related to the first one. In March, this virus displays the MessageBox:

AccessiV – Strain B
I am the AccessiV virus, Strain B
Written by Jerk1N, of the DIFFUSION Virus Team
AccessiV was/is the first ever Access Virus!!!

It then creates and executes a file infected by DOS COM virus

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