Class Virus
Platform DOS

Technical Details

It’s a not dangerous not memory resident companion virus. It
searches for *.EXE file, renames it to “_*.EXE”, and writes itself instead
of this file. On execution this virus infects the first not infected
EXE-file and executes the original file. It is compiled by Turbo C compiler
and contains the internal text strings:

Turbo C++ – Copyright 1990 Borland Intl.
Null pointer assignment
Divide error
Abnormal program termination

It contains the debug information also. After execution this virus types
one of the messages:

I’m bored.
Screw you.
Life is a drag.
kufc fof.
Ouch! Don’t hit me so hard.
Floppy drive A: is flooded. Please insert J cloth.
You have been infected by ULTIMATION corp.
Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.
.Ah ha! Caught you.
Copy protection error 23. Please re-install from master.

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