Class Trojan
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

This is a Trojan horse written as a MS Word97 macro-program. When it is
activated, it appends to the end of a AUTOEXEC.BAT file a set of commands
that delete all data on the C:,D:,E: drives. It then displays the following messages:

World War starting now!
Tvangeste v 1.0
3rd World War

It then goes into an endless loop displaying the following message:

3rd World War


This macro-Trojan saves the copy of an infected document with the name
“C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office?�”–�” and appends to the
end of AUTOEXEC.BAT file the commands:

cd C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office?�”–�del

In this way, this Trojan tries to replace a normal template with an infected one,
but it works only in case the Russian version of MS Word is installed, and
the templates directory is “C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office?�”–�”.

The Trojan also appends to the AUTOEXEC.BAT file the commands:

md c:atp_tour
md c:atp_tourkafelnik.001
md c:atp_toursampras.002
md c:atp_tourcorretja.003
md c:atp_tourrafter.004
md c:atp_tourmoya.006
md c:atp_tourhenman.007
md c:atp_tourrios.008
md c:atp_tourphilipou.009
md c:atp_tourkucera.010
md c:atp_tourkrajicek.005
subst k: c:atp_tour >nul

Then it displays messages in Russian and:

Tvangeste v 2.0

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