Detect Date 05/11/2017
Class Trojan-Clicker
Platform AndroidOS

Applications of this family pose as well-known legitimate software. When opened, they inform the user that it is necessary to first download and install an advertising app, or else call a certain number or send an email message to a certain address. After the user complies, the application simply closes.

Geographical distribution of attacks by the Trojan-Clicker.AndroidOS.Fakemod family

Geographical distribution of attacks during the period from 11 May 2016 to 11 May 2017

Top 10 countries with most attacked users (% of total attacks)

Country % of users attacked worldwide*
1 India 16.97
2 USA 16.97
3 Germany 9.49
4 United Kingdom 7.88
5 Italy 4.04
6 Brazil 3.84
7 Algeria 2.83
8 Indonesia 2.83
9 Russian Federation 2.63
10 Malaysia 2.22

* Percentage among all unique Kaspersky users worldwide attacked by this malware

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