Class Email-Worm
Platform VBS

Technical Details

This internet worm spreads via e-mail messages and sends itself from infected
PCs when it is activated. It uses Microsoft Outlook mailing system for
sending itself to recipients, whose e-mails are stored in Outlook Address Book.

The worm is written in Visual Basic Script (VBS) programming language. It works
only under operating systems with Windows Scripting Host installed (WSH is
installed by default in Windows 98 and Windows 2000).

The worm uses a PDF file as a host. The virus code is included in that file as an
embedded object, and the worm can be activated only manually.

When a PDF file is opened by the Adobe Acrobat program, (the worm doesn’t work in
Acrobat Reader), a user is offered to play a simple game, which is stored in
an embedded object.

After the embedded object is activated, the Adobe Acrobat
( program extracts VBS code, writes it to
a tempopary folder and launches it.

The virus code creates a JPG file on a disk and shows it using Internet

Then, the worm tries to find its host PDF file on the disk, and if it finds the
file, sends it to recipients specified in Outlook Address Book.

For sending itself, the worm randomly chooses an attachment name, message subject
and body.

The message subject can contain the following strings:

“You have one minute to find the peach”
“Find the peach”

The subject can also contain the “FW:” prefix and an exclamation mark at the end
of it.

The message body is assembled from the following sentences:

“Try finding the peach”
“Try this”
“Interesting search”
“I don’t usually send this things, but…”

The attachment name may be the following:

“find the peach.pdf”

The worm uses a very complex algorithm for sending itself, sometimes resulting in the worm not sending itself at all.

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