Parent class: Malware

Malicious tools are malicious programs designed to automatically create viruses, worms, or Trojans, conduct DoS attacks on remote servers, hack other computers, etc. Unlike viruses, worms, and Trojans, malware in this subclass does not present a direct threat to the computer it runs on, and the program’s malicious payload is only delivered on the direct order of the user.

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Class: Constructor

Constructor programs are designed to create new viruses, worms, and Trojans. There are known Constructors for DOS, Windows, and macro platforms. These programs generate malicious program source code, object modules, and/or malicious files. Some Constructors have a standard Windows-type interface in which a menu is used to select the type of malicious program, self-encryption options, anti-debugging features, etc.

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Platform: MSWord

Microsoft Word (MS Word) is a popular word processor and part of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Word files have a .doc or .docx extension.


Technical Details

Text (c) Michal A. Egler

This is a macro word utility for creating Macro.Word viruses. It contains the macros: DAT1, DAT2, DAT3, DAT4, DAT5, DAT6, DAT7, DAT8, DAT9, DAT10, DAT11, DAT12, DAT13, DAT14, DAT15, DAT16, DAT17, DAT18, AutoExec, and AutoOpen.

Nightmare Joke�s Word Macro Virus Construction Kit
Dieses Programm ist zu reinen Lehrnzwecken entstanden.
Die Verantwortung f�r jeglichen entstandenen Schaden,
der durch dieses Programm verursacht wurde, liegt bei
dem Anwender!

This consttructor can create macro viruses containing the following ten virus droppers:

1 = Casino Virus         - Casino.2330
2 = Media Markt Virus    - VCL.Markt.1533
3 = MTE.Shocker          - MtE.Shocker
4 = Sirius.Alive         - Sirius.Alive.4608
5 = SMEG.Queeg           - Smeg
6 = Tequila              - Tequila
7 = Virogen              - VICE.05.Code.3952
8 = Uniform [Boot Virus] - Uniform
9 = Bizatch/Vlad         - Win95.Boza.c.(intended)
10 = Tremor              - Tremor

The virus can append text and input during creation at the end of printed documents.

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