Class Constructor
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

Text (c) Michal A. Egler

This is a macro word utility for creating Macro.Word viruses. It contains the
macros: DAT1, DAT2, DAT3, DAT4, DAT5, DAT6, DAT7, DAT8, DAT9, DAT10, DAT11,
DAT12, DAT13, DAT14, DAT15, DAT16, DAT17, DAT18, AutoExec, and AutoOpen.

Nightmare Joke�s Word Macro Virus Construction Kit
Dieses Programm ist zu reinen Lehrnzwecken entstanden.
Die Verantwortung f�r jeglichen entstandenen Schaden,
der durch dieses Programm verursacht wurde, liegt bei
dem Anwender!

This consttructor can create macro viruses containing the following ten
virus droppers:

1 = Casino Virus – Casino.2330
2 = Media Markt Virus – VCL.Markt.1533
3 = MTE.Shocker – MtE.Shocker
4 = Sirius.Alive – Sirius.Alive.4608
5 = SMEG.Queeg – Smeg
6 = Tequila – Tequila
7 = Virogen – VICE.05.Code.3952
8 = Uniform [Boot Virus] – Uniform
9 = Bizatch/Vlad – Win95.Boza.c.(intended)
10 = Tremor – Tremor

The virus can append text and input during creation at the end of printed

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