Class Constructor
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

This is a macro Word97 virus construction tool. The constructor itself is a
Word97 document that contains sixteen modules: CPCK, IntroFrm, Page1,
OptionsFrm, PayloadFrm, Export, Done, vsmp, RegFrm, InsultFrm, WDMfrm,
PlugInFrm, Class1, About, Main, TriggerFrm.

When run, the constructor displays a picture containing the text “Class.Poppy
CONSTRUCTION KIT by VicodinES”. It then displays a menu with many future
virus settings. The tool allows to choose methods of replicating,
polymorphic mechanisms, methods of interception and many effects of
different kinds.

Generated effects can operate on calendar days, and they display MessageBoxes,
dialogues, edit system registry, etc. It is also possible to add
a “customized” effect that is entered as a Visual Basic subroutine.

The constructor then requests a virus name and creates an infected document.

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