Class Constructor
Platform DOS

Technical Details

The virus constructor utility VCL.EXE (Virus Creation Laboratory) seems to
be the most well-known virus creation tool. This constructor can generate source assembler files of the viruses, OBJ modules and infected master
files. VCL contains the standard pop-up menu interface. By using VCL menus,
it is possible to choose the virus type, enable or disable self encryption,
anti-debugging code, and internal text strings. It also is possible to choose
up to 10 effects, which are summoned upon virus execution, etc. VCL-based
viruses can use a standard means for infection (they append their code to the
files while infecting them), they can overwrite the files or use
companion technology.

The main properties of VCL-viruses are:

  • they are non-memory resident;
  • they scan the subdirectory three or the current directory of the current
    drive while infecting files;
  • they append to COM files, or create new COM files or overwrite COM
    and EXE files.

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