Class Backdoor
Platform Win32

Technical Details

Backdoor.CyberSpy is a malicious program which portrays itself as a telnet-server. It informs its creator about the presence of networks via either e-mail or ICQ and contains a component allowing it to make adjustments.

Upon execution of this program the virus copies itself into the Windows system directory and registers itself in the system registry so that it will start each time an infected system is rebooted. Once this is done it sends a notice via e-mail or ICQ (according to settings made by its author), and then begins to listen to a given TCP/IP port clandestinely. Having received the message sent back by the virus (information about specific networks sent back by the virus via ICQ or e-mail), the hacker controlling Backdoor.CyberSpy, with the help of any telnet-client, gains access to a victim computer’s command line (prompt).

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