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Multiple serious vulnerabilities have been found in VMware Workstation Pro and VMware Workstation Player. Malicious users can exploit these vulnerabilities to gain privileges or cause a denial of service.

Below is a complete list of vulnerabilities:

  1. A DLL loading vulnerability can be exploited remotely to gain privileges from normal to System in the host machine;
  2. An unspecified vulnerability in the SVGA driver can be exploited remotely to cause a denial of service on the virtual machine or out-of-bounds read.
  3. A NULL pointer dereference vulnerability in the SVGA driver can be exploited remotely by malicious users with normal privileges to cause a denial of service on their virtual machines.

Technical details

Vulnerability (1) is related to the «vmware-vmx» process, which loads DLLs from a path defined in the local environment variable.

Vulnerability (2) can be exploited only in case the host does not have any graphics card or graphics drivers installed.

NB: These vulnerabilities do not have any public CVSS rating so rating can be changed by the time.

Первичный источник обнаружения

Связанные продукты

Список CVE

  • CVE-2017-4900
  • CVE-2017-4899
  • CVE-2017-4898

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