Remote code execution vulnerability in the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine
Обновлено: 24/01/2020
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An improper way of scanning files was found in the Microsoft Malware Protection. By exploiting this vulnerability malicious users can execute arbitrary code. This vulnerability can be exploited remotely via a specially designed file.

Technical details

To exploit this vulnerability, a malformed file must be scanned by an affected version of the Windows Malware Protection Engine. The specially designed file can be delivered via a website, an email message or an Instant Messenger message.

Пораженные продукты

Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1
Microsoft Windows 8.1
Microsoft Windows RT 8.1
Microsoft Windows 10


Verify that the latest version of the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine and all definition updates for Microsoft antimalware products are being actively downloaded. If necessary, install the update (version of the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine should be 1.1.13704.0 or later).

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