Класс Virus
Платформа MSWord

Technical Details

Зашифрован, содержит 3 макроса: AutoOpen, VisuaLand, FileSaveAs.
Записывается в область глобальных макросов при открытии зараженнного
документа (AutoOpen). Документы заражает при их сохранении с другим именем
Содержит много комментариев и текстовое диалоговое окно. При запуске выдает

The Full Powered by VisuLand Technology

Содержащийся в нем комментарий:


Virus: VisuaLand.WinWord
Author: Milky Wahyudi Widjaya
VRating: Make First WordMacro.virii (Concept)
Compiler: WordMacro in ToolsMacro
(C) 1983-1994 Microsft Corporation
Copyright: (C) 1997 VisuaLand Technolgy
Utilities: VLWVG — VisuaLand Word Virus Generator 1.00
Created by Milky Wahyudi Widjaya (PresDir VL
Last Update: 01-01-1997
VL Office: Visualand Technology (VISUALAND-DOM)
Jl. H. Marzuki No.37, RT 06/03
Jakarta, 11530
Dedication: — McNamara (Concept was created by you???)
— Eko Sulistiono (MD)
— All VirMarker in the World
Thank’s: God


Вставляет в меню Help раздел «About VisuaLand Technology GoldSecret…».
При вызове это пункта выдает диалог следующего содержания:

About VisuaLand Technology...
OK,  Concept  was  updated,  please  look  VisuaLand.Winword.  I  hope
you easy study again, because VisuaLand is the best virii in 1997. If you
have have any comment, please email to me:,
bye...  VisuaLand Technology CyberWorld WebSite in Welcome to VisuaLand Technology GoldSecret
МisuaLand Technology is a member in Internet, about research && creator
irii. We are the first creator virii (Document MS-Word). Concept virii,
is the my research. Concept is not wild, but Concept only for tutorial,
how to create some virii in Microsoft Word. It's illegal to use baby...
Some people said that first WordMacro virus was created by  McNamara,
but it's bullshit. Concept was created by Milky Wahyudi Widjaya (PresDir
of VisuaLand Technology). from Jakarta - Indonesia. It's my GoldSecret!
Milky Wahyudi Widjaya - VisuaLand