Класс VirTool
Платформа Win32

Technical Details

Программа является учебником для написания вирусов, троянских программ и интернет-червей. Программа написана на Visual Basic 6.0. Размер выполняемого файла 446464 байт.

После старта программа выводит диалоговое окно “Введение”.

При нажатии на кнопку Continue, открываются последовательно 2 диалоговых окна:

Затем открывается основное окно программы.

При нажатии на пиктограмму, программа выводит статьи в отдельном окне.

Заголовки статей:

VBS 4 Idiots
ASM Tutorial
Batch Tutorial
VBS for nOObies
Batch commands
Batch source code
Delphi source code
How to pass ZoneAlarm

Сообщения выдаваемые программой:

Hello and welcome to Help! With Programming

This Program was made by -==Hackers==-. It is a Combined program with tutorials taken from Please check out rohitab soon! It’s a cool and unique website! Also, All credits to the turotials are listed on there turtorial page. And Again Don’t forget to check out rohitab

Your bug report has been sent.

In the Next Version I plan to have more tutorials, More Virus Writing tools, More Effects, Better Graphics, and Trojan/Virus Tools, and More!

Version 4.0 Comming in July

Do you want to be on Version Three of this Program? Well, if you do then contact us now! What do we need from you? We need this information in order to be on our program: Your tutorial, Your Photo or Avitar and your Email! That’s it! Email that information to and we will post them on here on version three

Hello, My name is -==HacKers==-. I developed this Program for you so you can learn about Visual Basic Scripting and More! I hope you like my program. You can contact me on’s Messenger!

I have had some people email me and ask me why the Linux Pengiun is everywhere? Well, That’s my new Avitar and I wanted him to be put on here 🙂

Taken from Cprompt from

Taken from Bug from

Taken from Archangel from

Made by CPrompt from

This Virus was created by a Newbie named Willard the Wise. The link to this Virus on rohitab is:

This delphi virus is made by Unuf on A compiled version of this is avaiable at http://unfunfowns.***

Hey I took this code off Rohitab. I don’t know who it belongs to because I copied the code. Then I went back for the name and My Computer froze up. So, Whoever did this I will credit you in my Next Version

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