Detect Date 05/12/2004
Class Virus
Platform Win32

FunLove (aka Fun Loving Criminals) is a benign memory resident parasitic Win32 virus. It affects PE EXE files on local and network drives. Because of its network spreading

ability, the virus can infect the local network from one infected

workstation, in the case that the network access permission allows for the writing of this


The virus contains the following text strings:

 ~Fun Loving Criminal~

When an infected file is run, the virus creates a FLCSS.EXE file in the

Windows system directory, writes its “pure” code to there and runs this

file. This virus “dropper” (FLCSS.EXE file) has a Win32 PE format and is

executed by the virus as a hidden Windows application (under Win9x) or as a

service (under WinNT), and the infection routine takes control.

In case an error has occurred while creating the dropper file (when the virus is

run from an infected file), the virus runs the infection routine from its example in the infected host file. The file searching and infection

process is run in the background as a “thread,” and as a result, the host

program is executed with no “visible” delays.

The infection routine scans all local drives from C: till Z:, then looks

for network resources, scans subdirectory trees there and infects PE files

that have a .OCX, .SCR or .EXE name extension. While infecting a file, the

virus writes its code to the end of the file to the last file section and

patches its entry routine with a “JumpVirus” instruction. The virus checks

file names and does not infect the files: ALER*, AMON*, _AVP*, AVP3*,


The virus is related to the Bolzano virus family and patches

the NTLDR and WINNTSystem32ntoskrnl.exe files in a similar way the

“Bolzano” virus does. The patched files should be restored from backup.

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