Class Virus
Platform Win16

Technical Details

This is a benign, nonmemory resident parasitic virus, and is the first known
virus for Windows 3.xx.

The virus searches for all NewEXE files (Windows EXE files) of the current
directory and infects them. It saves the startup and auto data segments to
the end of the file and overwrites those segments with the virus code and data.
It also fixes the NewEXE header and the segment table.

The virus does not return control to the host program, simply disinfecting it and returning to Windows. The file remains non-infected, and upon the next try, the
program starts, – it looks like a Windows missed mouse click.

There are several known variants of this infector, the original one
contains the texts:

Virus_for_Windows v1.4

“Vir_1_4.b” contains the text:

AntiWindoze Virus by Xavirus Hacker. THNX2MK!!!

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