Class Virus
Platform Multi

Technical Details

It’s a memory resident dangerous multipartite virus. It writes itself at
the and of .COM- and .EXE-files and into MBR of hard drive. The hard drive
is infected as the infected file is executed. Then the virus hooks INT 08h,
13h, 21h and infects the executable files except CO*.* and IB*.* files. On
May, 4th it erased the files instead of infection, then it decrypts and
types the message:

Wherever, I love you Forever and ever !
The beautiful memory for ours in that
summer time has been recorded in the Com-
puter history.
Bon voyage, My dear XqR !
Yours 05121991 in our Home.

It also contains the internal text strings:

Auto-Copy Deluxe R3.00
(C)Copyright 1991. Mr. YaQi. Changsha China
No one can Beyond me!
New Century of Computer Now!

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