Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

This is an encrypted Word macro virus. It contains three macros: AutoOpen,
FilePrint, FileSaveAs. The virus infects the global macros area
(NORMAL.DOT) on opening an infected document (AutoOpen) and writes itself
to documents that are saved with new name or printed (FilePrint,

The virus removes all menus that allow to check macros. On printing a
document the virus not only infects it, but also removes all text from the
document, disables re-do (EditUndo) and then prints the text:

Special for my love by
The Free Hackers
Viroright (C) 1997 Internation Virus Research
If you have bugs, please call me and don’t stress for it!
I will back laler!

The virus then displays the MessageBox:

[IVR] – Internation Virus Research
You are STREZZ now, I’m sorry for it!

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