Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

This virus in one module “SLOT” contains six macros: autoopen, slots,
FileTemplates, autonew, autoclose, ViewVBcode. It replicates itself on
creating new document, opening or closing.

On entering the Tools/Macro or Tools/Templates menus it displays the

That option is not installed, please install the HELP files to continue

The virus also sets the “SLOT” password for documents and plays a game:
displays MessageBoxes, waits for input, compares input with three-digits
random number and depending on it displays more MessageBoxes:

Macro Slot Game for Word97
Today is [current date] let’s play a SLOTS game.
Try your luck! Your lucky numbers are..
Macro Slot Game for Word97
Bingo ! You win .
Macro Slot Game for Word97
Try to input the password or play again!
Macro Slot Game for Word97
Hey ! You can’t do that. You must input the
right numbers or push the cancel button.
Macro Slot Game for Word97
OK !

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