Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

This is a stealth macro-virus. It contains one module, SLAM97, and seven
functions: AutoOpen, AutoClose, FileSaveAs, Payload, ToolsMacro,
FileTemplates, and ViewVBCode.

Upon opening an infected file, the virus disables the VirusProtection
function. The virus replicates itself upon opening, closing and saving
documents with new names (AutoOpen, AutoClose, FileSaveAs).

The virus disables the menus Tools/Macro and File/Templates as well as the
ViewVBCode function. Each virus function, before releasing, control-calls
the virus Payload function, it checks the current date, and on January 1st
1998, sets the password “SLAM97”; on October 16th, it displays the MessageBox:

SLAM97, written by DarkChasm [SLAM]

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