Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

It contains seven macros: AutoOpen, AutoNew, AutoClose, AutoSave, AutoExec,
ToolsMacro, MikEvelyn. It replicates on opening, saving, creating, closing
documents or executing Word. The infection routine is the MikEvelyn macro,
other macros call it to spread the virus.

On January 4 it displays the InputBox:

Type Happy Anniversary MikEvelyn

and waits for “Happy Anniversary MikEvelyn” input, otherwise the virus
shuts down the Windows.

May 31 gives InputBox:

Type Happy Birthday Edison

and waits for “Happy Birthday Edison”.

On December 25 it deletes the files: C:AUTOEXEC.BAT, C:CONFIG.SYS,
C:COMMAND.COM and displays the MessageBox:

Do you know that Christmas is a PAGAN PRACTICE?

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