Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

It is a stealth macro virus. It contains five functions in documents in the
one module “Metamorph”: AutoOpen, FileTemplatesTemp, ToolsMacroTemp,
ViewVBCodeTemp, AutoExecTemp. In the NORMAL.DOT the virus contains six
functions in one random named module: FileSaveAs, AutoOpenTemp,
FileTemplates, ToolsMacro, ViewVBCode, AutoExec. The name of this module is
saved in the METAMORPH.INI file in section [Infected] in line Reponse.

The virus infects the global macros area on opening an infected document.
Other documents get infection on saving with new name (FileSaveAs). The
code of virus is different in documents and NORMAL.DOT – the virus modifies
it while copying itself into the system. It creates new infection function
FileSaveAs and stealth-functions ToolsMacro and ViewVBCode. While infecting
documents the virus imports its original code from the C:METAPH.LOG which
is created when the virus infects the system.

When Word starts the virus changes the names of menu items “File”, “Edit”,
“View”, “Format” with their french variants. Depending on the system date
and time the virus displays the MessageBoxes:

Virus Metamorph
Attention, j’ai contaminé votre ordinateur…
Virus metamorph
Il est
L’heure de metamorph
Virus Metamorph
Au revoir…
Virus Metamorph

On displaying the last MessageBoxes the virus erases the files:


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