Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

The virus contains 23 macros. When an infected file is opened, the virus
gains control, switches off the VirusProtection option and infects the
global macros area. It also disables the Alt-F8 and Alt-F11 keys, disables and
hides the “Visual Basic” toolbar and the “Tools/Macro…” menu. The virus infects
other documents upon opening, closing, saving, saving with a new name and also
upon exiting Word.

On July 26, it displays the following message box:

Today Is My Wife’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Honey!

On February 8, it shows message box:

Today Is My Wedding’s Day. Thank’s God!

On June 8, and also upon several menu clicks, the virus shows a dialogue window
with a photo of a child.

The virus code contains the following comments:

Welcome To My Listing Program !
Created and Programmed By. June 8, 1971
�April, 1998 – Ciputat
Sorry, If my program disturbs you !
It’s not danger, I just want to be your friend !

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