Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

The virus replicates under MS Word ver. 8.0 only. It contains two modules
Word97Virus1 and NewMacros. The “Word97Virus1” module contains eleven
macros: Word97Virus1, AutoNew, AutoClose, AutoExec, AutoSave, AutoOpen,
FileClose, FileNew, FileSaveAs, FilePrint, FileOpen. The virus replicates
when any of these macros is activated.

The “NewMacros” module contains one macro ToolsMacro that on entering the
Tools/Macro menu deletes virus macros in active document and NORMAL.DOT.

On printing the virus appends to the document the text:

hE wHo LiVeS iN tHe PaSt HaS nO ChAnCe To SuRviVe In ThE fUtUrE…

The virus also contains the comment:

Word97Virus1 Macro

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