Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

The virus contains seven macros: Bold, Ivana, EditUndo, AutoClose,
Underline, ToolsMacro, FileTemplates. It replicates on the documents

If system time seconds value is less than 15, the virus cancels undoing
(Edit/Undo calls). On Sunday the virus hides the Formatting ToolsBar, on
Monday it hides the ScrollBar.

On 13th of any month the virus adds the text to the end of documents:

Na kraju, samo jos da kazem: volim te, Ivana [by utik]
And finally, I would like to say: I love you, Ivana [by utik]

On July 4th it writes the string “Ivana” to the end of the current document and
sets the same password on the document.

The “Ivana” macro contains the comments:

Dedicated to Ivana, the only one
[by utik]

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