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Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

This encrypted macro virus contains 5 macros: Plong, AutoOpen, FileSaveAs,
ToolsMacro, FileTemplates. It writes itself to the global macros area on
opening an infected document (AutoOpen). It infects other documents on
their saving with new name (FileSaveAs).

In the WIN.INI file the virus runs a counter of infected documents:


When this counter reaches 24, the virus displays to the StatusBar the

Lontong Micro Device (c) 1993 By ICE-Man

On entering menu Tools/Macro the virus displays the message:

ICE – Man ’93
This virus dedicated to all my best friend :
~ Edong, Rosamya, Boeyoenk, Ludho, Bstyle ~
Be Cool Guys and keep your life on the line …
2 some one I love very much, why U disapoint me
I hope this not happend again 2 some one that U love

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