Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

This is a relatively harmless macro virus. It infects a Normal template upon closing
an infected document. Other documents are infected upon their opening and

Upon exiting Word in one case in ten, the virus displays a question as follows:

  Good Luck 98
  5912 + 6118 - 65 * 12 = 11265 ?
      [ Yes  ]   [  No  ]

This equation may be right or wrong. If a user gives the right answer, the
virus displays the message:

  Congratulation !
  Congratulation, you have done a great job !

Otherwise the virus displays two other messages:

  Sorry !
  Sorry, you are wrong !

  Happy Birthday !
  Today (9/24/) is my birthday.

There is the current year. And then the virus changes the system date to

You have to check a system’s date on a computer after disinfection.

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