Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

It is an encryted macro virus. It contains seven macros: AutoExec,
AutoOpen, FileOpen, FileSave, Influenza, FileSaveAs, ToolsMacro (stealth).

The virus infects the global macros area on opening an infected document
(AutoOpen) and affect other documents on saving (FileSave).

On September 10 and April 16 the virus displays the MessageBox:

Don’t work too hard. Relax for a moment. It’s your birthday!

It then creates the C:FLU.BAT file and writes the instruction to there:

echo Just get back to work… I will not do anything to your computer!

On entering the Tools/Macro menu the virus displays the MessageBox:

You cannot create, edit or delete your macro right now!
It’s being updated.. Sorry for the inconvenience.

It also contains the comments:

This macro is dedicated to my girlfriend, RS
The one who love me and always do her best for me
And I make this as a gift
To always memorize her love, and mine too….
RS, I Love You…
Dibuat di Jakarta
Tanggal 29 September 1996

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