Class Virus
Platform MSWord

Technical Details

This is a very dangerous encrypted macro virus. It contains 12 macros that
are copied to 13 macros while infecting documents and the global macros

Documents NORMAL.DOT
1 AutoExec AutoExec Infects global macros area
2 Annihilator FileSaveAs Infects documents
3 FCDub FCDub Infects global macros area
4 Message Message
5 NewDocInsert NewDocInsert
6 SearchDestroyer SearchDestroyer
7 ExeKiller ExeKiller
8 AEDub AEDub
9 AutoExit
10 FileTemplates FileTemplates
11 ToolsMacro ToolsMacro
12 KillIt KillIt

The virus also searches for *.DOC files on the C: drive, replaces their
contents with the text “666” and infects them, if they are of Word format.
While searching and infecting DOC files the virus creates a log file and
writes the following text to there:

WinWord.Satan-Bug Macro Virus
Created by WinWord Virus Generator (Baku, Azerbaijan)
Log file generated
Total number of infected files(provided no macro interruption took place):
Comments: There are some real smart people in Azerbaijan that know what’s
happening… They are capable of generating powerful macro viruses…
This virus is one of them but more sophisticated ones are coming up…
WinWord.Satan-Bug will be back…
Virus ID number: 666
End of Protocol

The virus also corrupts disk files, displays MessageBoxes:

This file has caused a fatal error (exception 06) at address 0000:00053B4.
Data loss might be inevitable. Press OK to fix this problem…
ATTENTION!!! Do not interrupt while Microsoft Word is fixing this problem!
This may result in severe file damage…
For more details on this operation check out the ‘C : DDP’ directory on
your hard disk…
Wait, please … Microsoft Word has found 13 missing strings at address
0000:4BC1 which belong to a file in use. To avoid data loss, Word has to
search your disk for all .doc files and attach the missing string to a
corresponding file. Press OK to continue …

The virus overwrites the C:AUTOEXEC.BAT file with text:

@echo off
Echo Hey, sucker!!!
Echo Your computer is infected with WinWord.Satan-Bug virus…

It also renames the main menu:

File -> WW.Satan-Bug
Edit -> Concept
View -> Nuclear
Insert -> DMV
Format -> NPad
Tools -> Wazzu
Table -> Satanic
Window -> Tedious
Help -> Other…

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