Class Virus
Platform MSExcel

Technical Details

This virus infects Excel sheets. It contains only one module “MSExcel” with
six functions: Auto_Close, Auto_Open, HasAddIn, RepeatInfect, Infect,

While opening an infected file the virus function Auto_Open takes control
and infects the system: it creates the infected SPELLCK.XLA file in the
Excel startup or alternate startup directory. The virus also creates the
infected Add-in file. The virus pays attention to the environment and
creates infected files in directories that are specific for MacOS and

The virus displays the MessageBoxes:

Thank you for using Microsoft Excel!
Just in case you didn’t know, the current date is:

It also contains comments:

Date Virus.
Created: May 1, 1996.

The Date Virus was inspired by the Laroux virus. While this particular
macro virus is harmless, others are not! This macro virus was developed
to bring attention to the possible threat in the hopes that antivirus software
will be developed to protect this application.

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