Detect Date 01/11/2002
Class Virus
Platform DOS

These are harmless nonmemory resident parasitic viruses. They search for

.COM files (except COMMAND.COM, IBMIO.COM, IBMDOS.COM) in the current

directory of the current and C:drives, then infect not more than 5 files.

They write themselves to the beginning of the file.

If one corrects the text in the virus (see bellow), they halt the system,

then decrypt and display the message:

FUCK YOU LAMER !! system halted…

There is the following text at the virus beginning:

This program is infected by a HARMLESS Text-Virus V2.1

Send a FUNNY postcard to : Sylvia Verkade,

Duinzoom 36b,

3235 CD Rockanje

The Netherlands.

You might get an ANTIVIRUS program…..

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